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Espoo Clubhouse is a community for mental health rehabilitators where members and employees work together as equals. It is meant for working-aged people from Espoo or Kauniainen who currently have or previously have had mental illness.

Clubhouse’s social rehabilitation is based on the international Fountain House model. The goal is to improve the rehabilitators’ quality of life, to decrease the need of hospitalization and to support the return to education or working life.

“Clubhouses are built upon the belief that every member has the potential to sufficiently recover from the effects of mental illness to lead a personally satisfying life as an integrated member of society. Clubhouses are communities of people who are dedicated to one another’s success, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is. Clubhouses are organized around a belief that work, and work-mediated relationships, are restorative and provide a firm foundation for growth and important individual achievement (Beard, Propst, Malamud, 1982), and the belief that normalized social and recreational opportunities are an important part of a person’s path to recovery.” (ICCD)

During the work-ordered day we do tasks that are necessary for clubhouse’s operation. We have three units where the tasks are carried out: office unit, kitchen unit and work and study unit.

Tasks in office unit include: making the clubhouse news, statistics, taking care of reception, cleaning and different kinds of transcription and computer tasks.

The kitchen unit prepares lunch, manages the cafeteria, bakes and cleans.

Work and study unit guides and supports members in employment and study related issues.

In addition, we organize free time activities and members run different courses
like art and language groups.


Members and staff participate both in planning, development and implementation of the Clubhouse’s activities. Membership is free, without time limit and does not oblige to anything. You can become a member by booking a visitation time. After that you can book three or more days when you have time to familiarize with our everyday work tasks and activities. Finally, there’s a brief discussion about the membership. Formal acceptance takes place during a house meeting.

At Clubhouse you can utilize your existing skills, learn new ones through our versatile activities and strengthen your resources. A work-ordered day also helps to maintain regular day rhythm. You can choose your visitation days at the clubhouse according to your own strengths and health. You can also choose the work unit you prefer and the
people you wish to work with.

You are very welcome to get acquainted with Espoo Clubhouse!

Please call or email us for making an appointment:

Phone. 044 727 3422

Espoo Clubhouse is open Mon-Thu 8-16 and Fri 8-14

Kutojantie 3, 5th floor
02630 ESPOO

Clubhouse’s strengths according to our community

• Peer support
• Equality
• A place to go
• Opportunities
• Friends
• Game afternoon
• Floorball
• Courses
• Rules
• Good atmosphere
• We-spirit
• Members take responsibility
• Helpfulness
• Possibility to come back
• Meaningful tasks